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I often have crazy ideas. but THIS has broken all my limits

remember video akon & lonely island "I JUST HAD SEX" ?

so here is my parody =)

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miss u so fucking much

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 yep it’s christmas time

decorated Christmas tree today =))))


Tattoo!Stiles inspired by (x)

OMG)))) thanks)) it is very cool!!!
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Tattoo!Stiles inspired by (x)

OMG)))) thanks)) it is very cool!!!

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wesvgibbins said: Hey~ I may have made a graphic of stiles inspired by your tattoo!stiles (which is perf) but i thought I'd link you bc i dont know what tags you track so I wasn't sure you'd see it shyderek(.)tumblr(.)com/post/69576224318/tattoo-stiles-inspired-by-x

OOO it  is very cool! i saw it)))  now I will repost it to my blog) hope u do not mind)

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Anonymous said: Hi! I was wondering if you take requests or ideas at all? Because I had this idea of Stiles being a professional art thief that takes a few things at a time and Derek being the detective assigned to his growing case file. But Stiles beginning to leave behind little gifts for Derek that are from each previous crime scene. And Derek realizing that even from a distance that Stiles knows him better than anyone else. Then falling for each other. And Derek quitting and becoming his partner in crime :)

wow it is interesting))))

i think about it, may be i can do some art))

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ruthmcflyus said: I just saw your tattoo stiles and let me say wow!. It was incredible and I think i just found a new obsession. Great talent. Cant wait to check out the rest of your blog after work.

OMG))) thank u))) i am zoo glad to hear it)))

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guardian-of-the-arc said: Hi, I just wanted to let you know that I've started writing a fic inspired by your tattooed!Stiles art. I'm not allowed to post links in ask boxes, but I tagged your user name stiles-wtf so if you search that tag, you'll find the fic if you'd like to read it ^_^

omg))) i will read it soon))) THANK U!


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Anonymous said: Can you post some of the tattoo templates you use for the tattooed!stiles pictures? I want a tattoo and I can't decide what to get, and I just love the ones in your pictures!

write me your mail - i will seтв)))

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guardian-of-the-arc said: Okay, so I really, really love your drawings of Stiles with all his tattoos, and it's inspired me to write a story about Stiles as this badass hunter. I was wanting to call the story "Wolf Tamer" and use some of your tattoo designs as a part of Stiles' character for the story. I would of course credit you with the inspiration and link to your blog and your art. I was just wondering if you'd be okay with that?

I’m so glad that my arts so inspired you! Of course, I don’t mind! I will be very happy to read fic)) I like any ideas))) I have long wanted to draw my own personal story to tell everyone what’s going on in my head when I draw)) but I do not forbid others to speak about art their own stories